Watching the WHA68, May 2015

PHM Commentary

Integrated commentary available for download here

Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health

Several civil society organisations gathered at the launch of the alternative world health report, Global Health Watch 4 at Geneva's Press Club, on 20th of May 2015. The launch was accompanied by a panel discussion on the ‘Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health’.

PHM supports Lybian Resolution on access to vaccines

In a public statement made on 20th of May, PHM and Medicus Mundi International (MMI) endorsed a resolution presented by Libya, highlighting the urgent need for transparent pricing of vaccines and clearer documentation of price barriers. The resolution recognizes the importance of competition to reduce prices and make vaccines affordable through generic competition.

Defend the World Health Organization from corporate takeover

Geneva, 19 May 2015 – Ahead of the first meeting of the drafting group on Framework for Engagement with Non – State Actors (FENSA), Civil Society Organisations and Social Movements expressed their deep concern on attempts to facilitate corporate takeover of WHO.