Follow the WHA70 watching by PHM

The WHO Watch Team is watching the 70th World Health assembly of the World Health Organisation. The Watching team consists of Linda Markova, Godfrey Philimon, Lauren Paremoer, Simrin Kafle, Sulakshana Nandi, Aletha Wallace, Megan Arthur, Renee De Jong, Paul Nedermeijer, Alexandre Gajardo and Gargeya Telakapalli. 

Follow the discussions at WHA70 through detailed item wise comment by PHM on each agenda item of the WHA here.

Follow the EB 140 Watching by PHM


The WHO Watch Team is watching the 140th Executive Board Meeting of the World Health Organisation. The Watching team consists of Tara Ballav Adhikari, Gargeya Telakapalli, Brenda Venaka Chizana, Julia Montana, Kavian Kulasabanathan, Megan Arthur, Aletha Wallace, Linda Shuro, Alexandre Gajadaro, and Amit Sengupta.

The policy brief developed by the team can be downloaded here.

EB140 Jan 2017

The WHO Executive Board will meet in Geneva from 23 Jan to 1 Feb 2017.

Read and see all the statements by PHM at WHA69

Can Unsustainable Trade, Ecological and Economic Policies Sustain Global Development Goals

The PHM, while welcoming the vision of equity promotion in the SDG 2030 goals, challenged delegates at the WHA to consider if the same polices which has promoted an ecological disaster and has engendered multiple economic collapses can promote sustainable goals.

Is WHO poised to open its governance to private commercial interests?

At the 69th session of the World Health Assembly,  a possiblel adoption by Member States of a Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA) that does not have sufficient safeguards against undue influence from the private sector could constitute a sad turning point in history of WHO.

WHA69 May 2016

The 69th World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization will meet in Geneva from 23 May to 28 May 2016.

SSFFC: hard to pronounce, harder to define

The complex terminology “Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/ falsified/counterfeit” (SSFFC) medical products was proposed 6 years ago by the Director General as a provisional term.  Disappointedly, as time has passed, the only one element that changed is the temporary use of the terminology.

Why are these terms concerning? Because they conflate the issue of the quality of medicines with asserted breaches of intellectual property rights.

PHM: Need for an ambitious Global Vaccine Action Plan

At the 68th World Health Assembly, Member States committed themselves to strive for a global vaccine program that is both inclusive and universal. The resolution aimed to overcome the barriers affecting vaccine access, and ensure affordability in places with low resources. In order to be more effective, the necessity of reporting on these obstacles was emphasized. 

More than cooking stoves: need for an ambitious plan on air pollution

In a statement made on January 27, People's Health Movement and Medicus Mundi International pointed out the weaknesses of the draft roadmap established by the WHO for an enhanced global response to the adverse health effects of air pollution. This draft misses an analysis of the current economic and trade-related rules that would prevent the establishment of a robust plan of action.