EB138 January 2016


The 138th Executive Board meeting of the World Health Organisation will take place from 25 to 30 January 2016 in Geneva. The People's Health Movement will be intervening in the meeting through its WHO Watch Initiative. This year's watchers team includes Alexandre Gajardo (UAEM, Switzerland), Julia Montana Lopez (UAEM, Spain), Julie Steendam (M3M, Belgium), Kingsley Pereko (PHM, Ghana), Lauren Chan (UAEM, Canada), Mai Seida (PHM, Egypte), Susana Barria (PHM, India), Susanna Bolchini (PHM, Italy).

SSFFC: hard to pronounce, harder to define

The complex terminology “Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/ falsified/counterfeit” (SSFFC) medical products was proposed 6 years ago by the Director General as a provisional term.  Disappointedly, as time has passed, the only one element that changed is the temporary use of the terminology.

Why are these terms concerning? Because they conflate the issue of the quality of medicines with asserted breaches of intellectual property rights.

PHM: Need for an ambitious Global Vaccine Action Plan

At the 68th World Health Assembly, Member States committed themselves to strive for a global vaccine program that is both inclusive and universal. The resolution aimed to overcome the barriers affecting vaccine access, and ensure affordability in places with low resources. In order to be more effective, the necessity of reporting on these obstacles was emphasized. 

More than cooking stoves: need for an ambitious plan on air pollution

In a statement made on January 27, People's Health Movement and Medicus Mundi International pointed out the weaknesses of the draft roadmap established by the WHO for an enhanced global response to the adverse health effects of air pollution. This draft misses an analysis of the current economic and trade-related rules that would prevent the establishment of a robust plan of action.