"Reflections on the Ebola crisis"?

In a statement made on Monday, January 25th, People's Health Movement and Medicus Mundi International reminded the Executive Board members of the flaws in WHO's response to the Ebola crisis were largely due to their reluctance to fund emergency preparedness responses. They deplored that some wealthy member states (MS) were slow to volunteer healthcare resources to assist in the crisis.

A trojan horse of the private sectors interests at the World Health Organisation

Today, PHM and MMI denounced the failure of the Framework of Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA) currently under discussion at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide a robust framework against undue influence of the corporate sector and its philantropies.

A Resolve to Reform - A look at the Director-General's Opening Address at EB138

We welcome you to this new edition of People’s Health Movement’s (PHM) initiative WHO Watch (more on WHO Watch here).

World Health Organization or World Health Corporation?

Resisting Corporate Influence in WHO

The latest issue of Third World Resurgence (#298/299, June/July2015) delves into the influence of the private sector on the WHO in the context of the current reform of the institution and its long standing funding crisis. See detailed contents below.

Outcomes of WHO Watch in May 2015, WHA68 and EB137

The 68th Session of the World Health Assembly met in Geneva from 18 to 26 May 2015. See the Official Page. PHM was at the WHA through its initiative, WHO Watch. To know more about WHO Watch follow the link here.

GHW4:Download contents

Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health

Several civil society organisations gathered at the launch of the alternative world health report, Global Health Watch 4 at Geneva's Press Club, on 20th of May 2015. The launch was accompanied by a panel discussion on the ‘Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health’ (see the full video here).

Defend the World Health Organization from corporate takeover

Geneva, 19 May 2015: Ahead of the first meeting of the drafting group on Framework for Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA), Civil Society Organisations and Social Movements expressed their deep concern on attempts to facilitate corporate takeover of WHO.

Fair taxation for health for all

By Maria Zuniga

WHO Watch at 136th Executive Board Meeting

The 136th Session of the Executive Board of WHO will meet in Geneva from 26 Jan to 3 Feb 2015. See the Official Page.