EB 144- WHO Watch

The People's Health Movement's WHO Watch team will be watching the EB 144 meeting.  click read more icon for articles, MMI statements to the Executive Board and further analysis.

The Watching team consists of Anna Peiris, Alexabdre Gajardo, Giulia Loffreda,  Gargeya Telakapalli, Maninder Pal Singh, Alfenur Abu Kufa, Damir Martinovic, Stuti Pant and Sarai Keestra. The team will be supported by the guidance of PHMers David Legge , Lauren Paremoer and Susana Barria. 

Check out the official
 EB144 page   Check PHM's WHO Tracker for links to relevant documents and PHM comments on the agenda items. 

PHM analysis and commentary (PDF version)

PHM Policy Brief (PDF version)

PHM statements on Agenda items at EB 144

5.5 Universal health coverage (PHC to UHC)
5.6 Health, environment and climate change
5.7.1 Access to medicines and vaccines
5.7.2 Cancer Medicines
5.8.1 Antimicrobial resistance
5.8.2 Prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases
6.1 PIP Framework
6.2 S
ubstandard and falsified medical products
Human resources for health
6.4 Promoting health of refugees and migrants
6.6 Patient Safety
7.3 Engagement with Non State Actors