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The Global Health Watch is a call to all health workers to broaden and strengthen the global community of health advocates who are taking action on global ill-health and inequalities, and their underlying political and economic determinants.

In an increasingly integrated, globalised world with new cross-border threats to health, widening disparities in both health and access to health care, and an unacceptable level of human suffering and premature mortality in developing countries, civil society actors are asking, why is so little progress being made by global health actors?

Like its critically acclaimed predecessor, the second edition of Global Health Watch covers a comprehensive range of topics. Unlike other reports on global health, it also draws attention to the politics of global health and the policies and actions of key actors. Global Health Watch 2 includes chapters on climate change; the United States foreign assistance programme, the Gates Foundation, the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Not only is Global Health Watch 2 an educational resource for health professionals and activists, it makes clear the need for global health advocates to engage in lobbying many key actors to do better and to do more, whilst resisting those that do harm.

Contents of the GHW2


A: Alternative Paradigm for Development

B: Health Care Sector
1. Health systems advocacy 2. Mental Health: Culture, Language and Power 3. Access to healthcare for migrants and asylum seekers 4. Prisoners 5. Medicines

C: Beyond health care
1. Carbon Trading and Climate Change 2. Terror, war and health 3. Reflections on Globalization, Trade, Food and Health 4. Urbanisation 5. The Sanitation and Water Crisis 6. Oil Extraction and Health in the Niger Delta 7. Humanitarian Aid 8. Education - update

D: Watching
1. Global Health Governance 2. Government Aid 3. TNC’s

E: Pockets of Resistance

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GHW2 Full Report
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GHW2 Overview (Executive Summary)
The overview is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Japanese, German, Farsi and Arabic.





Download the presentation on GHW2 by David McCoy here.