Follow the WHA70 watching by PHM

The WHO Watch Team is watching the 70th World Health assembly of the World Health Organisation. The Watching team consists of Linda Markova, Godfrey Philimon, Lauren Paremoer, Simrin Kafle, Sulakshana Nandi, Aletha Wallace, Megan Arthur, Renee De Jong, Paul Nedermeijer, Alexandre Gajardo and Gargeya Telakapalli. 

Follow the discussions at WHA70 through detailed item wise comment by PHM on each agenda item of the WHA here.

Download PHM's policy brief here.

PHM, in collaboration with Medicus Mundi International, will be delivering statements at the meeting. See links to the statements already delivered.

See the daily reports from our Watchers:

In collaboration with MMI, TWN and G2H2, PHM produces the daily update 'WHA Today' which you can find here.
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