AFRO RC64 (2014)

The 64th session of the WHO RC for Africa will be held  Cotonou, Benin from 3-7 November 2014.  The documents prepared for and during the meeting will be linked from here. The summary report on the 63rd session is here.

PHM commentary on selected agenda items here.

Day reports index page

Provisional agenda for Regional Committee

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Constitution of the Subcommittee on Nominations

3. Election of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen and the Rapporteurs

4. Adoption of the agenda (AFR/RC64/1)

5. Appointment of members of the Subcommittee on Credentials

6. The Work of WHO in the African Region: report of the Regional Director 2014 (AFR/RC64/2) (See PHM Comment)

7. Statement of the Chairman of the Programme Subcommittee (AFR/RC64/3). See below. (See PHM Comment)

8. Nomination of the Regional Director AFR/RC64/INF.DOC/5 (See PHM Comment)

9. Progress towards the achievement of the health-related millennium development goals in the African Region (AFR/RC64/4) (See PHM Comment)  

10. Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa: update and lessons learned (AFR/RC64/9) (See PHM Comment)

11. African Public Health Emergency Fund: Accelerating the process of implementation (AFR/RC64/7) (See PHM Comment)

12. Regional Strategic Plan for Immunization 2014-2020 AFR/RC64/5 (See PHM Comment)

13. Implementation of the WHO Programme Budget 2014-2015 in the African Region  (AFR/RC64/8) (See PHM Comment)

14. Viral Hepatitis: Situation analysis and perspectives in the African Region AFR/RC64/6 (See PHM Comment)

WHO Reform

15. Process for developing the Programme Budget 2016-2017 (AFR/RC64/10 as corrected) (See PHM Comment)

16. Strategic budget space allocation (AFR/RC64/11 and AFR/RC64/11A) and Operational segments (AFR/RC64/11B) (See PHM Comment)

17. Framework for engagement with non-State actors.  See 17.2 Original Report to WHA  (AFR/RC64/12B) and 17.1 Report by Sect to RCs (AFR/RC64/12A) (See PHM Comment)

18. Draft provisional agenda and dates of the Sixty-fifth session of the Regional Committee and place of the Sixty-sixth session of the Regional Committee AFR/RC/13

19. Information

19.1. Report on WHO staff in the African Region (AFR/RC64/INF.DOC/1)

19.2. Regional matters arising from reports of the WHO internal and external audits (AFR/RC64/INF.DOC/2) (See PHM Comment)

19.3. Poliomyelitis in the African Region: progress report AFR/RC64/INF.DOC/3.

19.4. The Pan African programme for public health adaptation to climate change: current status and perspectives (AFR/RC64/INF.DOC/4).

20. Adoption of the report of the Regional Committee (AFR/RC64/14)


21. Closure of the Sixty-fourth session of the Regional Committee

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