EB132 Jan 2013

Pre-EB PHM Comment

PHM statement on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

DGH statement on WHO reform_NGOs and partnerships
DGH statement on WHO reform_evaluation

PHM statement on WHO reform_General Programme of Work and Programme Budget
PHM statement on MDGs
PHM statement on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework

PHM stateent on the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development
* Summary of the discussion on the CEWG
PHM statement on Neglected Tropical Diseases

PHM statement on SSFFC
PHM statement on Universal Health Coverage

Provisional Agenda for EB132 (Jan 21-9), 2013  1. Opening of the session and adoption of the agenda

2. Report by the Director-General 

3. Reports of the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of the Executive Board 

  • Report of Extraordinary PBAC 6-7 Dec 2012 (EB132/3),
  • Report of PBAC 17-18 Jan 2013 (EB132/43)

4. Reports of the regional committees to the Executive Board

5. WHO reform

  • WHO Reform (EB132/5)
  • WHO's arrangements for hosting health partnerships and proposals for harmonizing WHO's work with hosted partnerships (EB132/5 Add.1)
  • Key issues for the development of a policy on engagement with nongovernmental organizations (EB132/5 Add.2)
  • Streamlining of the work of the governing bodies and harmonization and alignment of the work of regional committees (EB132/5 Add.3)
  • Options to streamline the reporting of and communication with Member States (EB132/5 Add.4)
  • Review of management, administration and decentralization in the World Health Organization, report by the Joint Inspection Unit (EB132/5 Add.6)
  • Modalities for the independent evaluation of the WHO reform: stage two (EB132/5 Add.7)
  • Implementation of WHO reform, 2012 (EB132/5 Add.8)

6. Noncommunicable diseases

7. Promoting health through the life course

8. Preparedness, surveillance and response

9. Communicable diseases
  • Report on financial and administrative implications for the Secretariat of resolutions proposed for adoption by the Executive Board or Health Assembly (EB132/19 Add.1)

10. Health systems
11. Programme and budget matters
12. Financial matters
13. Management matters

  • 14.1 Appointment of the Regional Director for the Americas -- EB132/37
  • 14.2 Statement by the representative of the WHO staff associations
  • 14.3 Human resources: annual report + corrigendum -- EB132/38 + EB132/38 Corr.1
  • 14.4 Report of the International Civil Service Commission -- EB132/39
  • 14.5 Amendments to the Staff Regulations and Staff Rules -- EB132/40
  • Report on financial and administrative implications for the Secretariat of resolutions proposed for adoption by the Executive Board or Health Assembly -- EB132/40 Add.1

15. Matters for information
  • Expert committees and study groups -- EB132/41
  • Advisory Committee on Health Research
  • Expert advisory panels and committees and their membership -- EB132/41 Add.1
Noncommunicable diseases 
  • A. Strengthening noncommunicable disease policies to promote active ageing (resolution WHA65.3) 
  • B. Global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol (resolution WHA63.13)  
  • C. Sustaining the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders (resolution WHA60.21)  
Health systems
  • I. Patient safety (resolution WHA55.18)  
  • J. Drinking-water, sanitation and health (resolution WHA64.24) 
  • K. Workers’ health: global plan of action (resolution WHA60.26)  
  • L. Strategy for integrating gender analysis and actions into the work of WHO (resolution WHA60.25) 
  • M. Progress in the rational use of medicines (resolution WHA60.16) 
  • N. Health policy and systems research strategy 

15.2. Progress Reports (2) -- EB132/44 

Preparedness, surveillance and response 
  • D. Strengthening national health emergency and disaster management capacities and  the resilience of health systems (resolution WHA64.10) 
  • E. Climate change and health (resolutions EB124.R5 and WHA61.19)  
Communicable diseases
  • F. Malaria (resolution WHA64.17)  
  • G. Eradication of dracunculiasis (resolution WHA64.16)   
  • H. Smallpox eradication: destruction of variola virus stocks (resolution WHA60.1)  

16. Closure of the session