EB133 May 2013

PHM Pre-EB Comments

PHM Comment on WHO role in Global Health Goverance

PHM Comment on improving the health and well-being of persons identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (provisional agenda item 6.3)

PHM Statements to EB

PHM&MMI Statement to EB on WHO engagement with non-state actors (Item 5)

PHM&TWN&MMI Statement to EB on Evaluation of GSPOA (Item6.4)

PHM&MMI Statement to EB on Viral Hepatitis (Item 6.5)

PHM daily summaries and reports

Day 1 (29 May) and Day 2 (30 May)

Semi-verbatim report of whole EB 

Resolution EB133.R1 Autism Spectrum Disorders (PHM Report and Comment)

Resolution EB133.R2 World Psoriasis Day (PHM Report and Comment)

EB Agenda 

1. Opening of the session and adoption of the agenda

2. Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Rapporteur

3. Outcome of the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly

4. Report of the 18th meeting of PBAC of the Executive Board held on 16 and 17 May 2013 (EB133/2).

5. WHO reform 

  • internal governance related to streamlining the work of the governing bodies (EB133/3);
  • external governance related to WHO’s engagement with non-State actors (EB133/16); and
  • WHO’s role in global health governance (also EB133/16).

See also updated version of the high-level reform implementation plan, incorporating the recommendations of the Joint Inspection Unit, and a progress report on reform implementation. See A66/4.

6. Technical and health matters

6.1 Comprehensive and coordinated efforts for the management of autism spectrum disorders (EB133/4)

6.2 Psoriasis (EB133/5). See WHO Watch page on psoriasis.

6.3 Improving the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons (EB133/6)

This item was deleted from the agenda following strong protests from AFRO and EMRO regions led by Nigeria and Egypt. A modified item title will appear on the provisional agenda for EB134. 

6.4 Evaluation of the global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property (GSPOA): report by the Secretariat (EB133/7)

6.5 Viral hepatitis (EB133/17)

7. Management and financial matters

7.1 Evaluation: annual report (EB133/8)

7.2 Committees of the Executive Board: filling of vacancies (EB133/9)

7.3 Corporate risk register (EB133/10)

7.4 Amendments to the Financial Regulations and Financial Rules [if any]

7.5 Independent Expert Oversight Advisory Committee: membership renewal (EB133/11)

8. Staffing matters

8.1 Statement by the representative of the WHO staff associations (EB133/INF./1)

8.2 Amendments to the Staff Regulations and Staff Rules (EB133/12 and EB133/12 Add.1)

9. Amendments to the Statutes of the United Arab Emirates Health Foundation

10. Matters for information: report on meetings of expert committees and study groups (EB133/14)

11. Future sessions of the Executive Board and the Health Assembly (EB133/15)

12. Closure of the session

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