WHA69 May 2016

The 69th World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization will meet in Geneva from 23 May to 28 May 2016. See the WHO official documents page and the provisional agenda. PHM will be at the WHA as part of WHO Watch. To know more about WHO Watch follow the link here.

The index page for PHM's commentary on the items to be considered by the Assembly is here. These commentaries are developed through an extended network of experts associated with PHM.  Download an integrated pdf version of the full PHM commentary here (updated 23/5)

Policy Briefs and Statements delivered to the Assembly and reports prepared after the debate are developed by the watching team which, for WHA69 in May 2016, includes: Alexandre Gajardo (UAEM Switzerland), Boris Flores Gonzalez (PHM El Salvador), Brenda Chizana (PHM UK), Chiara Marocco (UAEM Switzerland), Denis Bukenya (PHM Uganda), Julia Montaña Lopez (UAEM Spain), Kamil McClelland (UAEM UK), Kingsley Pereko (PHM Ghana), Mai Seida (PHM Egypt), Matthew Quinn (UAEM UK), and Peter Grabitz (UAEM Germany).

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