WHA67 May 2014


Complete integrated commentary including item analysis and links to key documents: download here

Specific item commentaries

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1. Opening of the Health Assembly

1.1 Appointment of the Committee on Credentials

1.2 Election of the President

1.3 Election of the five Vice-Presidents, the Chairmen of the main committees, and

establishment of the General Committee

1.4 Adoption of the agenda and allocation of items to the main committees 


2. Report of the Executive Board on its 133rd and 134th sessions 


3. Address by Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General (A67/3)

4. Invited speaker

5. Admission of new Members and Associate Members [if any]

6. Executive Board: election

7. Awards

8. Reports of the main committees

9. Closure of the Health Assembly


10. Opening of the Committee 

11. WHO reform

11.1 Reform implementation plan and report (PHM comment).   

11.2 Improved decision-making by the governing bodies (PHM comment)

11.3 Framework of engagement with non-State actors (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM Statement)

11.4 Financing dialogue (PHM comment)

11.5 Strategic resource allocation (PHM comment)

11.6 Financing of administrative and management costs (PHM comment)

12. Communicable diseases

12.1 Global strategy and targets for tuberculosis prevention, care and control after 2015. (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM Statement)

12.2 Global vaccine action plan (PHM comment)

12.3 Hepatitis (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM statement

13. Noncommunicable diseases

13.1 Follow up to the Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly

on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM Statement)

13.2 Maternal, infant and young child nutrition (PHM comment)

13.3 Disability (PHM comment)

13.4 Comprehensive and coordinated efforts for the management of autism spectrum disorders (PHM comment)

13.5 World psoriasis day (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM statement)

14. Promoting health through the life course

14.1 Monitoring the achievement of the health-related Millennium Development Goals including Health in the post-2015 development agenda (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM statement)

14.2 Newborn health: draft action plan (PHM comment)

14.3 Addressing the global challenge of violence, in particular against women and girls (PHM comment

14.4 Multisectoral action for a life course approach to healthy ageing (PHM comment

14.5 Public health impacts of exposure to mercury and mercury compounds: the role of WHO

and ministries of public health in the implementation of the Minamata Convention (PHM comment)

14.6 Contributing social and economic development: sustainable action across sectors to

improve health and health equity (PHM comment)

15. Health systems

15.1 Traditional medicine (PHM comment

15.2 Follow-up of the report of the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and

Development: Financing and Coordination (PHM comment)

15.3 Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit medical products (PHM comment

15.4 Access to essential medicines (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM statemnt)

15.5 Strengthening of palliative care as a component of integrated treatment throughout the

life course (PHM comment)

15.6 Regulatory system strengthening (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM Statement)

15.7 Health intervention and technology assessment in support of universal health coverage (PHM comment

15.8 Follow-up of the Recife Political Declaration on Human Resources for Health: renewed

commitments towards universal health coverage (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM statement)

16. Preparedness, surveillance and response

16.1 Implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005) (PHM comment)

16.2 Pandemic influenza preparedness: sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM-TWN Statement)

16.3 Smallpox eradication: destruction of variola virus stocks (PHM comment) (MMI-PHM-TWN statement)

16.4 Poliomyelitis: intensification of the global eradication initiative (PHM comment

16.5 Antimicrobial drug resistance (PHM comment)

17. Progress reports

See Progress Reports, at A67/40, and also PHM page which provides links to the resolutions being followed up.


18. Opening of the Committee 

19. Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan

(A67/41, A67/INF./2, A67/INF./3). PHM comment 

20. Programme budget and financial matters

20.1 Programme budget 2012–2013: performance assessment

(A67/42) See PHM Comment.

20.2 Financial report and audited financial statements for the period 1 January 2013–31 December 2013 (A67/43 and A67/43 Add.1). See PHM Comment

20.3 Status of collection of assessed contributions, including Member States in arrears in the payment of their contributions to an extent that would justify invoking Article 7 of the Constitution (A67/44)

PHM report

20.4 Special arrangements for settlement of arrears [if any]

20.5 Assessment of new Members and Associate Members [if any]

20.6 Amendments to the Financial Regulations and Financial Rules

21. Audit and oversight matters

21.1 Report of the External Auditor (A67/45)

PHM report

21.2 Report of the Internal Auditor (A67/46)

PHM report

22. Staffing matters

22.1 Human resources: annual report (A67/47) PHM Comment 

22.2 Report of the International Civil Service Commission (A67/48)

22.3 Amendments to the Staff Regulations and Staff Rules (A67/49, EB134/2014/REC/1, and resolution EB134.R12)

22.4 Appointment of representatives to the WHO Staff Pension Committee (A67/50) 

23. Management and legal matters

23.1 Follow-up of the report of the Working Group on the Election of the Director-General of the World Health Organization (A67/51)

23.2 Real estate: update of the Geneva buildings renovation strategy (A67/52, NYP, presumably a revision of EB134/41)

24. Collaboration within the United Nations system and with other intergovernmental organizations (A67/53)

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