13.14 Child injury prevention

The Assembly will consider: 

Documents EB128/2011/REC/1 (? not yet posted). See provisional records of EB128.

Resolution EB128.R15 is a resolution from Jan EB 2011 recommending to the WHA that it adopts the included resolution jon child injury prevention. 

Document A64/23
 is a report by the Secretariat on child injury prevention. 

WHA Watch Comment

The EB Meeting held in Jan 2011 adopted the reoprt by the secretariat and a resolution on this item to be further discussed in WHA.

The report by the Secretariat covers the causes of the child injuries while also drawing attention on some key issues like gender differentials and inequitable distribution of them. However the report has no reference to the child injuries and deaths incurred during wars and conflicts, political instability and other forms of violence like sexual abuse of children which also causes long term mental injuries.

The resolution adopted by the Executive Board calls for action based on intersectoral coordination, multisectoral policy making, raising awareness and health literacy on child safety. The report covers child labour as a cause for injuries and calls for action but the other situations mentioned above are neglected. WHO should recognize the contribution of these factors to child ill-health, injury and death.