A. Poliomyelitis: mechanism for management of potential risks to eradication (resolution WHA61.1)

Document A64/26 provides progress reports on all items for report.

See also WHA Resolution 61.1 on mechanisms for the management of potential risks to polio eradication.

WHA Watch recognises the great achievement that has already been accomplished, millions of catastophies have been prevented by the global efforts to eradicate polio.  However, we insist that WHO recognises that the lower prevalences of polio has dramatically altered the context of the fight against this disease.  Eradication remains a worthy objective, but given this phase of diminishing returns WHO must not allow a single minded pursuit to compromise primary health care and health systems strengthening.  A case study of this danger is provided by the experience of the Pulse Polio campaign in India.
WHA Watch also has observed the use of a new financing scheme to support the eradication efforts, the Investment Partnership for Polio.  This is in many ways a pilot program and, as such, we are endevouring to fully understand its significance.  In the coming months WHO Watch will keep you informed of our debate and analysis.