8.02 Reports of committees of the Executive Board

Standing Committee on Nongovernmental Organizations
During its session the Board will receive the report of the Standing Committee on Nongovernmental Organizations, which contains, inter alia, the Committee’s recommendations on requests from organizations for admission into official relations with WHO, and the review of collaboration between WHO and one third of the organizations in official relations during the period 2008–2010.

Foundations and awards
The Board will consider the reports of the selection panels for the following prizes to be awarded in 2011: the Ihsan Dogramaci Family Health Foundation Prize, the Sasakawa Health Prize, the United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize, the State of Kuwait Prize for Research in Health Promotion, the Jacques Parisot Foundation Fellowship, and the Dr Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health. The Board is invited to approve the report of the Dr A.T. Shousha Foundation Committee.

  • Document EB 128/28