4.08 Substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit medical product

From the Secretariat annotation of the EB agenda

The Sixty-third World Health Assembly decided, inter alia, in WHA63(10) to establish a time-limited and results-oriented working group on substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit medical products. The outcome of the working group’s meeting held in December will be reported.

From the PHM letter to EB members

There is an urgent need to ensure disengagement of WHO from the activities of IMPACT. Member state should ensure that WHO’s activities in the medicine areas should focus rational use of medicine and strengthening the regulatory capacity of member states to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of medicines instead of IP enforcement. 

We urge member states to expedite the process of convening the working group prior to the upcoming WHA. We urge attention to ensure that the appointments process is transparent and free from conflicts of interest.