10.02 Progress reports

A. The Capital Master Plan (resolution WHA63.7)

B. Safety and security of staff and premises (resolution WHA63.6)

C. Poliomyelitis: mechanism for management of potential risks to eradication (resolution WHA61.1)

D. Prevention and control of influenza pandemics and annual epidemics (resolution WHA56.19)

E. Onchocerciasis control through ivermectin distribution (resolution WHA47.32)

F. Climate change and health (resolutions WHA61.19 and EB124.R5)

G. Improvement of health through sound management of obsolete pesticides and other obsolete chemicals (resolution WHA63.26)

H. Improvement of health through safe and environmentally sound waste management (resolution WHA63.25)

I. Working towards universal coverage of maternal, newborn and child health interventions (resolution WHA58.31)

J. Female genital mutilation (resolution WHA61.16)

K. Strategy for integrating gender analysis and actions into the work of WHO (resolution WHA60.25)

L. Progress in the rational use of medicines (resolution WHA60.16)

M. Implementation by WHO of the recommendations of the Global Task Team on
Improving AIDS Coordination among Multilateral Institutions and International
Donors (resolution WHA59.12)